if you don't buy this game you are missing a lot of great rpg fun

User Rating: 9 | Zoids Saga II GBA
first of all this game is an rpg (if you didn't know) i rate my games in 2/3 ways


series(if its a sequel)
this is my first review and i will start off on a high note

this game as far as rpgs go....is nearly the best ive played. i have a few reasons for so.
1.most rpgs have 1 of 3 ways (1power up 1 character, 2 kill evil dark lord etc,and capture a monster)this is a capture a monstor type but its more of a capture a really big monster with a huge gun. thus i hate how Pokemon repeats over and over. so this was a drainer in my clogs of boredom anyway what happens is you go and you find you are in a zoid and you battle other people. like in Pokemon except i always hated 2 things in Pokemon 1 having HM's 2 not having the Pokemon you want.

both of these problems were solved in this game in the game you go around and get experience points and get bitter zoids along with the really cool looking zoids like gilvader now with this comes the best part of all not a new bonus but the plot omfg i love the plot ion this it is amazing i searched far and wide for a game that dose 3 things 1 has a good plot 2 is awesome
rpg 3 and finally never gets old
this game has it all i have played this game 7 times and its always the best it can be i even find new items in caves or a new deck command.

my rpg score 9.5/10.0 music kinda sucked but a begger cant be a chooser

the overall score for this game is lowered because an rpg score dose not determine its graphics

overall score 9.0/10.0

one the graphics were a little obove average and the music sucks a fair bit so get your i-pod or get some awesome computer music if you dont have an i-pod.

final decision this game is legible to go into any gamer who is on a road trip or is bored like me with all the pointless other rpgs that are all the same like final fantasy (i will admit they are good but they get old same plot and same idea) so a new fresh breath is needed to all and this one one great breath to take