Come for the challenging, side-scrolling shooting, stay for the amazingly good BAD English Translation!

User Rating: 9 | Zero Wing GEN

What does it take, to create an iconic meme, that etches itself into the minds of millions, and becomes known all around the world, even by people who have never even PLAYED the actual game? Well, for this obscure Sega Genesis blast from the past, this European export had the Crazy Enough To Work idea, that if they made the Japanese translation, as intentionally BAD as possible, that about ten years after the game was re-released, it would be re-discovered, PURELY on the strength of the infamous phrases! None more infamous, than: All Your Base Are Belong To Us! Of course, it helps that despite the excuse plot, the game itself is pretty good. The graphics, music, sound, controls, and challenge are all pretty good for this 16-bit wonder from the early 1990's. Controlling a fighter plane called a Zig, your goal is to shoot down as many enemy fighter planes and things as possible! However, even the EASY mode isn't easy! To get through the game, you'll need power-ups. A Spread Shot, a laser, the ability to have two supporting fighter jets shoot along side you, a power bomb, and the very valuable homing missiles, each of which (besides the supporting fighter jets) can be upgraded three times! And at long last, the game is now easily available on the Nintendo Switch Online Service for the Genesis console, with it's helpful rewind future that you will inevitably use a lot of! Now you can finally see for yourself what all the fuss is about, and play this challenging game for yourself! I highly recommend it! Enough said, true believers!