Getting this next week, whats the play time for one playthrough? no spoilers pls

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999 Never came out in europe but last week I finally got my hands on it and loved every second of it. I know the game is ment to be played through several times but I was wondering what the play time for a single playthrough is. I found 999 to be a bit on the short side for a VN type game, I couldn't help but feeling "I WANT MORE!!!" so I really hope this game will have more play time. I read something about 30 hours in a review but I was thinking thats for everything including all endings.

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My 1st play took about 6-7 hours and I got a locked ending and to be continued there's 22 ending I believe after of completing your 1st playthrough you can restart the game from what point you want from a flow chart. For some endi you have to have done other endinga, I read it takes 20-30 hours to complete completely I depends how long it takes you to read or if you skip the text and how stuck you get in certain rooms