Dealing with auto-dim

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So I like playing in auto-mode as it keeps the pacing nice and I'm not tempted to just mash the screen to read the dialogue without the voice-acting (as I was used to from 999 since it was all just reading). However, a lot of these novel sections are quite lengthy, often spanning multiple minutes and the screen auto-dims every minute even when plugged in. Then I have to go to the menu, go back out of the menu, go back into the menu, select auto again, then go back out of the menu. Every minute -_- It's not that bad at first, but after you've done it 60 times in 3 hours it gets tiresome.


Anyone have a work around? Or at least know a way I can go into and out of the menu a few less times? The problem is when you tap the screen to get past auto-dim it automatically cancels the auto mode =/

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I guess I should distinguish to avoid confusion. There is 'auto-dim' which causes the screen to darken every minute without pressing any buttons and then there is 'auto mode' which is a mode that makes the text progress automatically without having to press any buttons. When you put the two together... well it's a pain.

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I found an easy temporary solution. Just hit one of the volume buttons and the screen lights up again. No need to mess with touchscreen =D

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just hit the r button
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That works, actually the easiest way I found was just moving one of the analog sticks =P Can't believe I didn't figure that out earlier. Anyway, just finished the game... =O amazing. Anyone who didn't play 999 first though should really go back and play it right now. Even if you're halfway through this game. You don't need 999 for most of the game, but you'll be lost at the final reveal (final ending). You'll miss so much without having played 999.