A game that spends more time trying to be an Artsy Gary Larson piece, and no time being fun.

User Rating: 2 | Zeno Clash PC
This game is... Hard to sum up. Yet very easy.

To begin...

I bought this game on sale for $3.45 US (I still feel ripped off). I download, install, and start up the game. I am treated to a disoriented dream sequence (Cutscene?) of my character yelling about some paper, then an explosion, then me running off with some cave woman named daedra (Who looks like the girl from Beetle Guice if her hair exploded). I then get into a dream sequence again from some old Mentor who sounds like Doctor Claw, and trains me on the controls.

After I finish, I fist fight 3 guys, and crawl under a door after killing the, ( I thought). I then fight them AGAIN (You will fight them about 8 times in the game, and even shooting them does not kill them). This is where I ran into the game's first flaw.

It HAS diverse models for the first 5 minutes... Then you fight the same five guys of both factions 700 times in a row. The fist fighting seemed fun at first, but dodging and blocking were useless, and the only time I had problems was when there was a level with two gunmen on rooftops in an alley where I was being attacked by 4 more clones. But all I did was exploit the game (The enemies reload guns they pick up instantly, so I would keep tossing them my empty gun and let them reload it for me)

You cannot interrupt reloads (Ala Fallout 3/New Vegas) Enemies can occasionally corner you and kill you in seconds... But even so I died twice... once in the aforementioned alley, and once with a boss you had to shoot and I accidentally threw the only gun in the water so I had nothing to shoot him with.

The gameplay is lazy all in all. If the game Developers spent more time on gameplay then trying to be unique in visuals, it might have been halfway decent.. It felt like Tim Burton made a game...

******* SPOILERS********

The game also ends on not even a cliff hanger, but half way through a cutscene.... Having done nothing but insult the player's intelligence by announcing something we already figured out Second 1. So much like the Mario Bro's movie, it set itself up for a sequel. Here is praying it does not get it.