'Award Winning'?

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I keep hearing terms like this thrown around when referring to the first one... Is it just BS to hype ZC2? Because from my understanding, ZC was considered to be incredibly mediocre from everyone I've ever heard talk about it. Yet, right before ZC2 released, I kept seeing gaming websites talk about how 'groundbreaking' and 'incredible' the first one was.

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I played the first one, and though I found it slightly interesting and enjoyed the emotional aspects of it near the end... the gameplay was very repetitive and the story as a whole was twisted to say the least, and not in an appealing way. At least not to me. To give you an idea of how unpopular the first game was.. .when steam sales hit, it went down to 50 cents. I bought it on one of those sales, and it was a 75% off deal at the time.. sooooo. Yea.