Could be so much better..

User Rating: 4 | ZEN Pinball PS3
While the graphics are certainly outstanding, the game is
just soooo frustrating for my family and I.

Balls are CONSTANTLY lost by going down the Outlanes,
ending games rather quickly. I know they exist for a reason,
but it's just beyond frustrating.

While it seems these tables are designed to tell a story, or
have you take a particular path, there is no telling how to do so.
With a confusing scoreboard tossing out info at light speed, no helpful voices, and the balls moving at Mach 5,
it's just no fun for the average player.

Also high-scoring could be done so much better. Each table
should have a top 10 or top 20 list saved on your system, so
family members and friends can enter initials and
people can have fun with home bragging rights, leading to lot's
of rivalry's and fun.

Instead all they offer is saving your one high score to a online leaderboard you are not likely to climb, unless you have super human reflexes, and get extremely lucky not to have your ball live in the outlanes.

While flashy at first, one can quickly see that beyond the pretty
graphics, the shortcomings and flaws in this
game are astounding.

Hopefully issue's can be addressed in future patches, or better
tables made available in download content.