Zen Pinball

User Rating: 7.5 | ZEN Pinball PS3
It is rare to find a Pinball Game that is not just fun, but that makes you want to come back and play it repeatedly, however Zen Pinball, while maybe being short of perfection, does hit all the right spots.

The graphics are bright, detailed, and the sounds are those you''d expect of a pinball machine, the gameplay is simple to pick up, and is down not to level's of difficulty, but skill, timing and control of the ball/s. There are to start a small choose of tables to pick from, with a few more being downloadable, although this may put you off the tables themselves differ enough to make them worth the purchase, and also are interesting enough to test your skill.

This is a great game, and while there are, as other reviewers have stated,minor flaws with the Game, ultimately Zen Pinball is not just worth playing, but a game that will give your hours of fun in single and multi player.