if you love pinball like me youll love this! best table so far in this great series.....

User Rating: 9.5 | ZEN Pinball: Mars PS3
ZEN PINBALL is a great game (if you like pinball that is!!), And the mars table is no exception,even if it takes some time to load.... but once it has it looks great. The sounds are fantastic and very realistic especially when the ball hits the bumpers, it feels great with the vibration going to the controllers at the right moments! (as it should of course).

The animations are excellent and in response to the theme of the table being based on MARS, I love the face on mars as it stares at you throughout your playing time, only to be disturbed by the spaceship taking over the whole screen when you get to finish certain missions? great graphics even scary the 1st time??

One small gripe is some of the missions feel very samey but thats the idea of pinball isn't it??
The skill level is quite easy if you keep your kickbacks in place, which i seem to achieve 'most'
of the time....

This table i found is therefore very playable and keeps you coming back for more. The music is ok, if you dont fancy playing your own music stored in the ps3?
The price for download is good at just £1.59 when i downloaded it off the playstation network.
i know ill be playing this a lot more AS its brill, so keep up the good work ZEN STUDIOS.