Like pinball, this game is fun for awhile, but only great pinball players will have a lot of fun with this.

User Rating: 7.5 | ZEN Pinball PS3
ZEN Pinball is the best pinball simulator I've ever played. Everything from the unforgiving difficulty to the flashiness of it all is here. I, for one, am not a very good pinball player typically, so I found this to be just as hard as real-life pinball. However, possessing up to 8 different tables, if you count the DLC, this game is a great pinball experience for anyone who doesn't want to go to the arcade.

GAMEPLAY - This is pretty much pure pinball. There aren't any weird frills here. The DLC has some interesting tracks, however, including a Street Fighter 2 table and a Ninja Gaiden one. You can't go wrong with any of the tables available, although I would probably say El Dorado is the easiest. Not much more to say here though. It's just a great pinball simulator, plain and simple. - 7/10


GRAPHICS - Graphics are very awesome here. The screen lights up when you do stuff very similarly to how a pinball table would. Not much to complain about here. - 8/10

SOUND - Same as with the graphics, there isn't much to complain about. - 8/10

LENGTH/REPLAY VALUE - Again, like regular pinball, you have 3 tries to get as many points as possible. One thing that kind of annoys me though is the ball launcher, because sometimes when you launch it, the ball will loop around the table and go right into the hole, thus costing you your free ball saver at the beginning of every round. This should probably go into gameplay, but oh well. Just like regular pinball, it all depends on the person playing when it comes to replay value. Personally I only play it between other big gaming experiences, but that's just me. - 7/10

BOTTOM LINE - The bottom line is that this game is probably the most accurate pinball simulator out there, at least for the PS3. There isn't much else to be said. If you want a pinball game of realistic difficulty, then this is it. For $10, it's a really good value also. - 7.5/10