Zen Pinball is everything a console based pinball game should be. It plays smooth, fast, with logical physics.

User Rating: 8 | ZEN Pinball PS3
Recently PS3 games have been given several options in a console based pinball game; from disc based, minis, and full version downloads. I have played almost all of them, going back to the original PlayStation versions, and Zen Pinball simply does it right! Not to mention, at $9.99 price point, who can complain? You start out with 4 tables, and so far there are 2 more tables available as DLC. Each of then have intricate layouts, and allow for varying experienced players to show their pinball skills.
You can play solo, race, or even multi-player hot seat. In race, up to 4 players play on their own console, and race towards a goal score. There is a progress bar on the HUD to show you where the competition is in relation to the goal. There is no limit to the number of balls; you just keep going until someone wins.The host sets the goal, and even penalties for lost balls. That sounds funny, but you know what I mean. lol....
Hot seat allows up to 4 players on-line or at home to take turns to compete for the highest score. When you loose your ball, pass the controller to the next player.
Also, a great unadvertised piece to Zen Pinball, is that it is one of few games that allows you to listen to your own music.