I'm a big Yu-Yu Hakusho fan but this game is disappointing

User Rating: 6.5 | Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament PS2
When I first bought this game I was expecting something a lot like the DBZ Budokai games. The story is the dark tornament and you can play the story mode but you just fight a bunch of enemies. There is a arcade mode as well where you just fight your way to the top of the chart. The gameplay is alright, basic attacks with each characters special moves make the fighting somewhat fun. There is a training mode where you can learn all the moves of each character. There is a mini-game where you play with these cards and I find it really pointless to play it. When you play in an arena you can destroy it around when you throw your opponent on the ground or something. All in all this game may only satisfy some extreme Yu-Yu Hakusho fans because I'm a fan and I'm disppointed in this game.