The awsem game for fighters all over and plus the advantages of SPIRIT GUN!

User Rating: 10 | Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament PS2
this game it the best combo maker, music player, token matcher and adventure game! it has been very simple for smart guyz and the main part of the game is spirit which means the spirt from all good guyz and bad boyz are here in this game even if it is old!

to be exact the main thing is also easy i mean a combo(for ps2) is just triangle + right! if you start the dark tornoment you will say this game is hard! well i cant blame ya cuz your a begginer and the quy at first you must battle is so hard that:
1)no spirit
2)he uses a non-stop cheat for strenth!

after you get use to it you will keep a habit of playing it everyday! cuz the storys are very interesting for ex.:hei burns his hand after deafeting fire man!

this game has a token match for gambling but no money earned but from the token match i unlocked: Chu!

so try to destory all enemys and especialy cheaters for ex.:Gama the invisibility clown!