This game was fun at first, but in the end it started to SUCK! Definitely not worth your time!

User Rating: 4 | Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament PS2
When me and my friend first started playing this game, it was pretty fun, but only because we were fans of the show. We didn't really realize how much the game sucked until later, when we noticed the slow reaction of the characters and how bad their fighting moves were. The controls were difficult and hard to get used to. The graphics could have been way better, too. Probably the thing that annoyed us the most, though, was the way the game got on our nerves every time we had to take on a ridiculously hard character. Some of the fights in the story mode weren't even remotely fair! All this game did was stress us and become a burden to our weekend! I totally do not recommend this game to anybody, it's not even that fun! I'll give it two exclamation points. !!