Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Unlock Map Edit

    Successfully finsh both the Red Rose and the White Rose stories to unlock Map Edit in the custom duel. This feature allows you to create your own duel field for custom duels.

    Contributed by: Giga Ganon 

  2. Unlock All Duelists

    Complete both White and Red Rose to have all duelists unlocked.

    Contributed by: A B C 

  3. Unlock cards

    To obtain cards, press R3 at the "Build Deck" screen, and enter an eight character password.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    EKJHQ109 Ancient Tree Of Enlightenment
    JXCB6FU7 Aqua Dragon
    GTJXSBJ7 Barrel Dragon
    QXNTQPAX Beast King Of The Swamp
    N54T4TY5 Birdface
    UMJ10MQB Black Hole
    CZN5GD2X Blast Sphere
    SBYDQM8B Change of Heart
    SRA7L5YR Crush Card
    UMJ10MQB Dark Hole
    81EZCH8B Dragonseeker
    Y34PN1SV Earthshaker
    E5G3NRAD Elf's Light
    37689434 Exodia's Head "Exodia The Forbidden One"
    YF07QVEZ Fairy King Trusdale
    NVE7A3EZ Fairy's Gift
    92886423 Goblin Fan
    0HNFG9WX Gravity Bind
    YBJMCD6Z Greenkappa
    8HJHQPNP Harpy's Feather Sweep
    S14FGKQ1 Horn Of The Unicorn
    A5CF6HSH Left Arm Of Exodia
    GME1S3UM Magician Of Faith
    86985631 Meteor Dragon
    69YDQM85 Mimicat
    53297534 Mirror Wall
    N1NDJMQ3 Mystical Capture Chains
    S5S7NKNH Robotic Knight
    8TETQHE1 Royal Decree
    2H4D85J7 Seiyaryu
    UMQ3WZUZ Serpentine Princess
    73153736 Slate Warrior
    CZ81UVGR Swordsman From A Foreign Land
    AH0PSHEB Swordstalker
    054TC727 Tactical Warrior

    Contributed by: yutjrft76, Dark Rolling Stones, bobby190 

  4. Slot Three of a Kind

    After winning each duel, you'll have a chance to nab 3 cards from your opponent's graveyard. Score 3 of a kind to get an extra special card or you may be able to win them from people.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    3x Doma the Angel of Silence (Tea) Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    3x Bracchio-raidus Dark Magician
    3x Beautiful Headhuntress Flame Swordsmen
    3x Harpie Lady (Mai) Harpie's Feather Duster
    3x Thunder Nyan Nyan (Shadi) Raigeki
    3x Berfomet Red Eyes B. Dragon
    3x Dark-Piercing Light (Bakura) Swords of Revealing Light
    3x MegaMorph Toon Summoned Skull

    Contributed by: RaffaeliGamer, dnextreme88, DarkNecrofear, reddragon74, Awchong 

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