Better than this Yu-Gi-oh! hating gamer expected

User Rating: 8.6 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour DS
I picked this game up on a Whim, half expecting it to make me cringe and wish I had half the mind not to bother with it. I found three actual cards in the box and thought to myself "oh great... this really is aimed at seven year olds... no way this game could be any deeper than the cartrige itself". Fortunatly for you, the reader, it was deep.

Gameplay: 9 of 10
This is what games should be about, the gameplay.The game itself isn't just enjoyable, but incorperating the touch screen gives the feeling of playing an actual card game rather than a watered down video game port

Depth: 8 of 10
It isn't Magic: the Gathering DS but the game itself contains well over 1000 cards, and not just the ones that comply with current rules of the actual game. It is rather enjoyable to try and collect each and every card out there *even if it's a forbidden card, and not usable in conventional duels* and I must say, the new card collecting system is far better than any of last due to the ability to select from a group of "booster packs" and also being displayed what percentage you've collected already. The strategic element of the gameplay itself is remarkable in its own right, duels aren't just about power, but incorperate hundreds of different ways to take down your opponent *or even having them take themselves down*

Graphics: 7 of 10
Nothing to complain so much about, and yet nothing to really babble on about. The Graphics are clean and do a good job of presenting the game being played, nothing more, nothing less. While the new prerendered monsters you get to see when you summen them is a wonderful touch, they aren't well animated and don't do a thing when battle is declared. Some of the more well known or more powerful cards have little actual 3D cutscenes which add a little exceitment but it would've been nice to see *all* monsters geting this treatment, instead it feels like they just rushed the development of this new feature.

Sound: 5 of 10
Not much to say here either, the music is nice and some sound effects can stir up a little exceitment, but overall it's nothing to glorify and usually I just turn the volume off and listen to music while playing

Value: 10 of 10
There is hundreds of hours of fun to be had as long as the player is the type who enjoys Strategy, collecting, and dueling human players to see who has the best skill and deck in that order. I can't stress enough how you won't ever put this game down on account of there being nothing left to accomplish

This game is worth buying, even if you don't think it's your thing.