Best Yu-Gi-Oh! game by far compared to all the other platforms.

User Rating: 8.7 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour DS
Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Game by far compared to all the other platforms. I've played almost all of them, and this is finally the game all Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans have been waiting for. The AI is so much better, and able to make some good choices when playing a card (where as in the past, once you got a hold of how the AI plays, you can easily win) I'd also like to say, that in the past games, they were not able to create all of the cards and left out some (Too hard to code them maybe?). Well this game has finally got them all, such as Breaker the Magical Warrior, Cost down, Big Eye, Ordeal of a Traveler and many more. So now I am going to give you the layout of this game: Graphics: Every monster in this game is in 3D on the top screen, It's very nice to see monsters in positions that you've never seen before. Some people do not like it since the graphics are a bit pixilated at times, and when you see your cards on the top screen It's a bit too zoomed in, and at the bottom a bit too zoomed out. But if you compared it to the other games where you see your cards, you would just see Yellow for Monster, green for Magic, and you'd always have to go and check to see what card it was, at least now you're able to see the picture and know what card it is, makes the game go faster. I'd also like to add when you play field card, the field changes to what that card is (like umi will turn the field into the water like the picture is) I decided to give this an 8. Gameplay: I thought it was a fun idea being able to search around the city with the touch screen and find other duelists (only the ones from the show, not those nobody guys) but I think I'd prefer to actually walk around rather then search. Being able to use the touch screen to duel makes the rounds go so much faster (especially with the nice layout) when you destroy monsters, they shatter like glass rather then going boom :P If you played the other games, you'll find this game to be such a relief when dueling. if you haven't, then I hope you don't get bored so easily, as you'll be dueling many times over and over. This game has a Leveling up system that you might enjoy, after each duel you will get EXP (depending on how you play) as you go up in levels, the characters in the game will also go up having better decks, and Going up in Levels also unlocks new packs. All in all I gave this an 8. Sound: The sound is alright, nothing to wow you over. I was a little disappointed that they used some of the same sound effects they used in the past, not all. The music is good, won't keep you entirely bored. I'll give this a 7. Value: As in the past, you could always play multiplayer with friends, the wireless feature makes thing so much easier and better of course, and with the amount of cards in this game and the new ban list, you won't be seeing so many of the same decks. This game will have you playing many hours, and dueling your friends will have you playing even longer, and for what the games worth, I'd say you'd be getting your moneys worth. I gave this a 9. Final Review: I Recommend this game to all Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans who enjoy the TCG. I find myself playing this non stop (even over my BF2). With all the new cards, new features, and the helpful touch screen, this makes out to be great game for the DS. Even if you're new to the TCG, this game does have a rules area in the shop where you can learn all about how to play, so even the non TCG players can finally have a blast. Expect to find this game from $39.99 to $49.99.