The Yu-Gi-Oh! saga finally hits the DS, and it's suprisingly good, but a little bit too short.

User Rating: 7.5 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour DS
Ok, I'm going to write this review because I used to be a great fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but not anymore, but I still think that Yu-Gi-Oh! it's cool, so why not?

The gameplay is the best thing about the game. Unlike previous GBA games, here you can touch everything on the Touch Screen when it's your turn and if you're on a card it'll give you options as to what to do with it. The opponents vary from strenght as well. Level 1 are very weak, but Level 5 are the strongest and the most difficult ones to defeat. The story is, as usual evolving Yugi, Yami Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, Merik, the others, and you. The setting is the Battlecity, and you'll have to "battle" your way around. The DS allows you to do a whole lot of new things, like interact tieh people objects, and, of course, the cards. The tutorial of the game helps anyone that has no idea what yugioh is all about, and it also contains a lot of "challenges" for experts on the game. The storyline unfolds pretty good, but the end it's kinda strange, adn you might not even realize that that was the end of it. There's also a hidden secret that you can unlock when you reach a certain level. It'll let you play the soundtrack within the game.

All in all, Yu-Gi-Oh! makes a good impression with its innovative gameplay, but the story is always the same, and there's never nothing new about it. If you like Yu-Gi-Oh!, or are interested in a card-battle game, then look nowhere else, but at yugioh.