This Yugioh Game is O.K. once you get past the steep, starting difficulty curve.

User Rating: 6.5 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour DS
And believe me when I tell you, That is one hell of a curve you got to overcome to even start to truly enjoy the game. I know. It isn't fair to crush player's spirits in the beginning of a game but, if games like Contra have taught us anything, it's that you got to keep at it, if you want to get better. No matter how you first start off, you must learn several important things: Start off small. Duel only weak opponents and, slowly built your EXP to unlock more booster packs thus, making your deck stronger. Don't go out at night. Some of the most brutal players lurk at night and, don't have a problem handing your ass too you in a duel. Most of the time, that ends in an automatic game over, that is just as frustrating... Trust me... dueling at night starting off, is an exercise in frustrating, humbling, humiliating futility.
Constantly improve that deck. Once you get the points to buy the cards you need either, card shop or that password machine, do it! Stick to a deck stratagem that works for you.
Study your opponent. Once you know there deck better than they do, find a way to crush it. And, SAVE often. Due to the fact that most people that play this game for the first time, they don't know these things. And it's like watching a 2 year old play with nitroglycerin. Don't be that 2 year old. Know what you are getting into before you decide to get this game. It will be a long uphill battle, but a battle you can win... if you are dedicated.