I love playing card games and Yu Gi Oh isn't an exception

User Rating: 9.8 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX: Mezase Duel King! GBA
I really like duelling with different players, thinking up some good strategies and tactics. Most games I play I get frustrated when losing, but in this game it doesn’t bother me at all. Sure, I win more than losing but the great thing about it is you learn from your mistakes and set up your cards properly.

Game play: Just like the previous Yu Gi Oh games, Yu Gi Oh GX Dual Academy is all about dual monster cards. There are monsters in different levels, spell cards magic cards and etc. In the game you will be a student who will study at dual Academy and will be attending classes during the week days and will have free times on the weekend. During Weekdays you won’t be doing anything apart from shopping, interacting with other characters, receiving DP (Duel Points; helps you buy new cards) and most important learn of Exam dates. You can increase your dualist level by beating a number of other kids in duals and getting high scores in your exam. There are 3 dorms you can join. The Slifer Red (Beginners) Ra Yellow (Average) and Blue Obelisk (Expert). The better dorm you are in the better reputation you get, and more characters you can duel, but note that if you fail an Exam you will drop a dorm, so study hard!
During Weekends you can free roam the entire Island, you may either go shopping, dual a bunch of other kids or go to other places because sometimes random events happen, which may lead you into getting new cards and E-mail addresses so that you can send mails to your rivals (But you will obviously have to dual for it)

OK all this card studying and Examinations doesn’t sound pleasant at first, but you will enjoy duelling the entire time. Even if you fail an exam you will still always have the opportunity to re-do it. Besides, by studying your cards better you may become the best dualist there is.
If you are a fan of strategy then you should give this game a chance.