Memories that should stay forbidden...

User Rating: 3.5 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters (PSOne Books) PS
I use to be a big YuGiOh fan in my elementary - middle school years. I also loved (and still do love video games). But its a good idea to keep these things as far away from eachother as possible. Because YuGiOh as a video game, sucks. Well... most of them do anyway. And this is the first one I will review, Forbidden memories.

This game doesn't even come close to duplicating the original card game, which is what it seems to attempt. Sure, I can accept the fact that a few things from the original game are gone/different. The effect monsters, and a deficiency of magic/trap cards, but whats really messed up is the card fusion. I still can't figure out entirely how it works. Aparently, when you press up on your card selected, they will number up 1-5. If the 2 cards are compatible, they will fuse into something else. If they aren't they get knocked off by the next card. So what it comes down to is trial and error, and the game favors this a lot. I find myself writing down card combos, because they're absolutely necessary to win, unless you either hack, or use codes to unlock cards.

Lets talk about unlocking cards. You earn stars every time you win, depending on your rank. But you can't simply buy cards with them, you have to look up codes in a cheat book or online. That is ridiculous, especially since its practically needed to beat the game. Not to mention these cards are so god damn expensive, the only way you'll get them is if you either, again, hack, or spend a butt load of time winning duels. It's boring, broken, and terribly designed. That's what killed the game for me. You can'
t beat the single player fairly, you're required to cheat, or spend years on the game before you beat it.

The actual story mode isn't even that good. It basically boils down to a point and click experience where you watch boring dialogue. As a fan, this stuff bored me pretty badly. Sure, the concept of going between the past and future was sort of neat, but a lot of possibilities were wasted. The so called 'card shop' was really just a save point.

YuGiOh fans, never EVER play this game, unless you are some real hardcore collector or something. It's frustrating and grows old quick.