An interesting game, fun and challenging! and sometimes the player can stress a lot!

User Rating: 10 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters (PSOne Books) PS
The game is very fun, has a very good story!
it is challenging to the extreme! and this can be very bad for beginners...

I gave him a score of 10 because it is a different kind of game requires a lot of strategy and patience of the player, the worst is to get rare cards that really kills the player!
the soundtrack of the game is wonderful! very funny, I think the soundtracks of PSX games are very good...

The two player versus mode is boring because,the opponent can see your cards, that are very disruptive strategies,
the coolest is the mode of exchange of cards you can trade cards with your friend!

Finally Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories was not well in the criticism, but I think a fun game and different! and this leads to my grade 10!

The Best:
-722 Cards taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, anime and manga.

-An interesting story.

-A very good soundtrack.

-The mode of exchanging cards.

-You need good tactics to defeat the enemy that can be good or bad, depends on the player.

The Bad:
-The difficulty of the game.

-Opponents are becoming increasingly difficult with time.

-The enemies near the end of the game are extremely difficult because they can draw a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon without a ritual! and moreover they can have more than two of these cards.

It's difficult to buy a card in Password mode, as for example the Dark Magician costs Starships 9999999
and we only get about 5 or 10 starships in every duel is done to defeat the opponent.

-The two players versus mode.