this is a yu-gi-oh card game

User Rating: 5 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters (PSOne Books) PS
This is a yu-gi-oh card game in Egyptian times. You have to battle evil card players in Egypt and the tournament in present day. Their is also free play mode where you can play against yourself or characters you have beaten in the story mode. Every time you win a battle you get star chips and a card. The amount of star chips and the strength of the card depend on how well you won. Star chips can be used to buy cards if you know their card codes which are on the real yu-gi-oh cards. Their is also a card library where you look at the cards you own or have won in a battle, you can look at the cards in their 3d forms. If you press square instead of x when you attack .your fight will appear in 3d mode. You can save your changes in the main menu or the card shop, which is just a save point really. Throughout the game you must ravel the mystery and save the ancient Egyptian world.