i bought this when i was 8...(grd 3) and 5 years later ...found it on esnips and...still found it pretty good!!!

User Rating: 9 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters III: Sanseisenshin Kourin GBC
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in general im no huge fan of the "yu-gi-oh" series but i can tell you now just cuz its old don't make it good. normally i hate the idea of ripping off kids to buy over priced card game packs...thus my parents hated it too so they said they would buy me this if i agreed to never ask them to buy another pack of "yu-gi-oh" cards...what do ya know i was smart i saved like 100 bucks by buying this...anyway now a days card games arnt huge...not like then anyway...il tell you y this is better then most card games and then y its worth it in general...

well one yu-gi-oh is a very interesting card game it has good and bad areas thus is hard to make a video game out of y cuz you cant change a card game when making it a game...when i played this 5 years later, i find its pretty good; the graphics are good for the gbc, the game is intact. Now that i have reasonable thought i think well its a pretty good game . now the actual plot oh yu-gi-oh is crap (im not surprised they didn't put it in y well think of the catch phrase of
"believe in the heart of the cards"
is really really lame and i dont think anyone wants that line to ruin there time with this game the real reason i think its good is its always got a twist. you may think with 100 lp left your screwed (you can be probably not) but then just like in that awful series you get the black hole card (pretty much your reset button) then you manage to win. *sigh* the real thing i like about it is there are almost no magic cards which is nice and bad but all in all balances it if they had too many then it would be a power up game vs a monster card game. there still are some bbut not really really on a road trip this is way more fun than playing pokemon (as much as leveling up is ) this is better cuz anything can happen. new twists and turns and its unpredictable. i hate games where its just move on you can beat him but you gotta face the smaller boss before that... i hate those...but in this your battle /game can change. aking this a very addictive game for a road trip because time flies when you into something. and you don't really have to think but your sure as hell not going to be just pressing "A". When the game gods give you pokemon you go buy this game(im an anti-pokemon )

i think i better rap this up the game is fun not short and is really well addictive...
card game score

9.5/10 (is a card game supposed to have a plot i don't really think so)

while not my fav game defiantly one to pass time while still being conscience(ugg leveling up in FF) over a long period of time...
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i hope this shows that old games can be fun and some times opinions are different as i will get some hate mail on this review...well just go to e snips and look it up heres a link and et an emulator too ... i can give links for that all is look up emulator and go on the first link...


but before you get a rom and emulator buy the game for legal issues