Code for infinite cards/unlimited deck size/ (for more 60 cards in main deck) ?

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Hello all After this topic for yugioh 2010: "I think I just made an Infinite Cards in Deck code that doesn't work on Wi-Fi" "Time_Hero (Topic Creator) Posted 7/25/2010 8:07:14 PM" Infinite Cards in Main Deck [Only works offline] 2220E804 00000028 and work perfectly in the game and: "Yami_Shiki Posted 7/25/2010 8:08:08 PM Lol, I just downloaded that EmuCheat, skimmed through a guide and already made an unlimited deck code. >.< Didn't think it would be that easy. Since it's confirmed not to work on wi-fi I'll just post it now. 1220E804 00000028 makes your deck think you have 40 cards" For make this code 2 mn not more, but for a professionnal only and i not have the compétence for that. Emucheat english: A guide: A nice hacker here with emucheat or other program can made this code? please