Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6 Cheats For PSP

  1. Mid-day Constellations

    On pack select screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L, R

    Contributed by: ShootingQuasar 

  2. Unlockable Characters

    "Clear" means complete the four hearts for each character and get the cutscene at the end.

    Clear two character's story Aki (Academy Uniform)
    Clear Jean's story Andore
    Clear Yusei and Bruno's story Antinomy (D-Wheeler/Dark Glass)
    Clear Jack, Rua (Normal), Ruka (Normal) story Aporia
    finish Jack's story Bommer
    Unlock with Tag Force 5 UMD Recognition or duel Bommer (Normal) 30 times Bommer (Dark Signer)
    Clear Harold's story Brave
    Clear Jean's story Breo
    Unlock with Tag Force 1 UMD Recognition or duel Carly (Normal) 30 times Carly (Dark Signer)
    Clear Rua (normal) and Ruka's (normal) story Demak (Dark Signer)
    Clear Jack's story Dragan
    finish both Aki and Crow's stories Evil Sherry
    finish Crow's story Jean
    Clear Taro's story Jinbei Tanigawa
    Clear Jack, Crow, Aki (Normal) story Jose
    Unlock with Tag Force 4 UMD Recognition or duel Kiryu (Crashtown) 30 times Kiryu Kyosuke (Dark Signer)
    Unlock with Tag Force 3 UMD recognition or duel Kiryu (crashtown) 30 times Kiryu Kyosuke (Team Satisfaction)
    Clear Rua (Normal) and Ruka (Normal) story Lucciano
    Clear Ushio's story Mikage
    Unlock with Tag Force 2 UMD Recognition or duel Misty (Normal) 30 times Misty (Dark Signer)
    Beat Rua's story Misty (Normal)
    Clear Bruno's story Placido
    Clear Jack and Yusei's story Rally Dawson
    Clear Antinomy (D-wheeler/Dark Glass), Sherry LeBlanc, and Aporia's story Rex Godwin (Dark Signer)
    Clear three character's story Rua (Academy Uniform)
    Clear Rex Godwin's story Rudger Godwin (Dark Signer)
    Clear four character's story Ruka (Academy Uniform)
    Clear Crow and Aki's story Sherry LeBlanc
    Clear Ruka's story Taro Yamashita
    finish Crow's story Yeager
    Clear Taro's story Yoshizo Hayashi
    Clear Yusei, Jack, Rua (Normal), Ruka (Normal), Aki (Normal), Crow, Bruno story ZONE

    Contributed by: YamiDemonKyo, KHbigfan