Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 Cheats For PSP

  1. Booster Pack Discount and Picking Flowers

    Give Dark Magician Girl, Ebon Magician Curran, White Magician Pikeru, Card Ejector and Cyber Tutu figurines to the Shop Owner to gain 10% Discount per figurine. Once all 5 are given the Pack Picking Flowers is unlocked

    Dark Magician Girl Figure 10% Discount
    Ebon Magician Curran Figure 10% Discount
    White Magician Pikeru Figure 10% Discount
    Card Ejector Figure 10% Discount
    Cyber Tutu Figure 10% Discount
    Unlocked when all 5 figurines are given to the Shop Owner Picking Flowers

    Contributed by: 1337_FF_GoD 

  2. Alternate Costume

    Unlocking by defeating 50 times of certain characters in the game, then partner with them and go to Martha's place. Speak her and choose the second option, the day will end and find your partner there should have changed his/her costume also his/her hearts will reset and uses different deck type.

    Beat Leo 50 times Academy Rua/Leo
    Beat Luna 50 times Academy Ruka/Luna
    defeat her 50 times Akiza Academy Uniform
    Beat Yusei 50 times Poncho Yusei

    Contributed by: jory014, shuin0120 

  3. Unlockable Cards

    You get specific Cards from finishing people's story lines

    Beat Luna's Story Mode Ancient Fairy Dragon
    Beat Akiza's Story Mode Black Rose Dragon
    Clear the game with Crow Black-Winged Dragon
    Clear the game with Sherry LeBlanc Chevalier De Fleur
    Finish Mina's Story Mode Dark Armed Dragon
    Beat Fake Jack's Story Mode Dark Highlander
    Beat Carly's Story Mode Future Visions
    Beat Trudge's Story Mode Goyo Guardian
    Finish Kalin's Story Mode Infernity Doom Dragon
    Beat Lazar's Story Mode Jester Queen
    Finish Jakob's Story Mode Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity
    Finish Lester's Story Mode Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity
    Finish Primo's Story Mode Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity
    Beat Leo's Story Mode Power Tool Dragon
    Beat Jack's Story Mode Red Nova Dragon
    Beat Poncho Yusei's Story Mode Scrap Dragon
    Beat Poncho Yusei's Story Mode Scrap Dragon
    Beat Yusei's Story Mode Shooting Star Dragon
    beat school girl Luna story Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon
    Beat Vizor's Story Mode Tech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000
    Beat school girl Akiza story Ultimate Axon Kicker
    Beat Leo(Academy)'s Story Mode Wattchimera

    Contributed by: 1337_FF_GoD, yeleng, edi_shiva, Phoenix_6000, Fpwl605, TheGreatCheez, tank382 

  4. Unlock Characters

    The following characters can be unlocked by completing other characters' stories.

    Beat Lazar's story Jack Atlas (Imposter)
    Complete Luna, Akiza, Vizor, Crow, Jack Story Jakob
    Complete Leo's story Kalin Kessler
    Complete Crow's Story Lazar
    Complete Luna's story Lester
    Complete Tetsu Trudge's story Mina Simington
    Complete Vizor's Story Primo (Placido)
    Complete Akiza Izinski's story Sherry LeBlanc
    Complete Yusei's Story Vizor

    Contributed by: IAznDragonI Yan, tank382, ZelosSan, adamsand001, MoodyHoe 

  5. High Noon Constellation

    Enter this code in the card shop.

    Up, Up, Down, Down, L Button, R Button, L Button, R Button, Square, Triangle Unlock High Noon Constellation

    Contributed by: Sephikoden