Question about this game need help!

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My question is does this game has the Card Machine where u put the Card # of the bottom of the card and u can add it to ur game? Plus is this game really worth it?? I like Yugioh great way to spend time with my friends online and play with em but i checked this game out and its cheap and has Multiplayer it good?

But the major question is about the card machine. xD

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no, this not a card machine in this one. and i used to play the real card game, but i stop playin a while ago. so its nice to play again without collecting cards all over again. and it takes a lot of grinding to get all the different cards. u get a pack of randoms when u win a duel. and u have a high chance of getting cards u dont have but their is still 3800+ and theirs no way to get specific cards. unless u buy packs from the market place or sony network
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Ty I try out the demo. I liked it I may just get the game but ty for answering my question ^^