Network issues - what the game needs

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I really like the game so far. The Yu-Gi-Oh community definitely needed a fresh online game to duel each other! However there are several issues with the game that make it almost inedible(only online mode). 1)Dead lobbies: When a players game crashes, the lobby still remains in the list, leaving a DEAD ZOMBIE-Lobby behind. Which means: People will be able to join, but they won't notice the seemingly present lobby creator is NOT present and the game will not start. 2)The entire "Lobby-List" is being spammed by these "Zombie-Lobbies" (they cause confusion and frustration!) Vital solution: Zombie-Lobbies must be identified more quickly by system and be removed 3)Frequent client disconnects - interruption/crash(lost connection to host) The most efficient solution in my opinion would be an automated queue-system. At first you choose the game mode "1v1 Duel" or "2v2 Tag" Then the system is searching for opponents. As soon they have been matched the game begins - no annoying lobbies. I don't understand why Konami didn't implement a queue-system. Instead we got a broken lobby model. I still got faith the game will get some valuable patches/updates any time soon. Else it will suffer on its really problematic network issues and population will dwindle quick. It could have great potential.
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I'ma give you a heads up. The connection lost to the host is 90% cause of rage quitters. Sadly they're a plague in this game.