KG Yu-Gi-Oh Decade Duels Tournament 10/5 ($10 Gamestop)

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KG Yu-Gi-Oh Decade Duels Tournament  **This tournament will be played using the Xbox 360 and Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds Decade Duels Plus on Xbox Live. You can purchase this game on the Xbox Live Arcade.** *We will be hosting a Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds Decade Duels Plus Game Night for tournament participants and casual players on Friday, October 4th at 7 PM EST.* Winner= $10 Game stop Gift Card. Community Website: Details: 1. This tournament will be held on Saturday, October 5th 2013 at 1 PM EST. 2. To register for the tournament go to the register tab on the top right hand corner of the website and register. Log in and then click that you are attending on the bottom of the event page Registration closes at 11:59 PM EST on October 4th. 3. The tournament will consist of 8 to 16 players competing using the Swiss System(example below) and the top 4 players will go the Semi Finals. Each round will be best of three. 4. First round match ups will be listed in the Tournament Forum but you will also receive an Xbox Live message the morning of the tournament with your opponent's gamer tag. 5. The winner of the tournament will receive a $10 Gift Card to Game Stop. Winner will receive email with code immediately following the Final Round. 6. To avoid lag and dropping of players, this event is open to USA & Canada only. If there is strong international interest we will throw a 2nd tournament in the near future. Rules: 1. The tournament starts at 1 PM EST, it is the responsibility of the participants to contact your first opponent and set up your match by this time. If for some reason your opponent does not show up please contact Red Eyed Punny asap. 2. At the start of each round one player from each match up will start a player match and invite their opponent. Matches will using the following settings; Player Match Duel Mode: Normal Private Slot: 1 Match Settings: Match LP: 8000 Time Limit: 180 3. The winning and losing parties must send Red Eyed Punny an xbox live message reporting the results of each match before you can receive your next match up. You can also post results in the tournament forum. 4. You must use the same deck you start the tournament with. Players found using multiple decks will be banned from the event. (You can still swap cards using your side deck.) 5. In the event that a player lags out please contact Red Eyed Punny asap so a solution can be decided. 6. If you are caught cheating you will be banned from this tournament and be put on our blacklist for future events. If you suspect cheating contact Red Eyed Punny or post in the tournament forum. Tournament System: Scoring: - The first few rounds will use a Swiss style tournament system. The number of rounds will depend on the number of players that enter. - After each round players will receive 1 point for winning, half a point (.5) for a draw, and no points for losing (0). - The top 4 players with the most points will advance to the semi finals and finals matches. Example of the Swiss Tournament System: Standard Swiss system Round 1: #1 plays #5, #1 wins #2 plays #6, #2 wins #3 plays #7, #3 wins #4 plays #8, #4 wins Round 2: #1 plays #3, #1 wins #2 plays #4, #2 wins #5 plays #7, #5 wins #6 plays #8, #6 wins After two rounds, the standings are: 1: 2-0 2: 2-0 3: 1-1 4: 1-1 5: 1-1 6: 1-1 7: 0-2 8: 0-2 Read more: