Do people sleep when they go to online lobbies?

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Seriously every lobby i get into the host wouldnt start the match, they just sit there and not do anything not to mention the online servers in this game sucks.. barely able to get into any battle

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yeah do you think it would be easier to do private matches with people you know? do you play on Xbox? planning to get the game sometime soon. GT: SmartBullets666

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Their session most likely crashed. What remains is a dead "Zombie-Room". The room is still present at the list, but the game will never start - forever - since the creator of the room is not present anymore and probably created a new one. That's why you see rooms called Playerxy ROOM 1, Playerxy ROOM 2 etc...
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It's probably your connection or the host. I usually run good with almost everyone. Hate rage quitters tho. :(