Fun Stories to Tell when Playing the Game? I'll keep the details brief and spoiler-free for context.

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I know this is early, but I'd like to share a fun story when playing the game. At some point, the main characters will come to a large area with extremely high-leveled enemies that are completely out of my depth (imagine two to three times my level at the time), but they won't chase you until you show any form of aggression, or run near them. Within that area, there are lower-leveled enemies(About the same as my level, so they still take a while to defeat) that will chase you once you're in their sights. So imagine my surprise and despair as I run away yelping, "I'msorryI'msorryPleaseforgivemeI'msorryfordisturbingyouHAVEMERCY!" when I was running away from a lower-leveled enemy, accidentally triggering all the higher-leveled enemies to chase me across the map. And it wasn't a small map either!

In that same area, there will also be even higher-leveled enemies to which they will also chase you down on sight. So imagine my despair when I was only running from one side of the map to the other to finish an errand thinking it would leave me alone after a certain amount of distance and that guy was STILL on my tail. HE EVEN BIT ME FROM BEHIND which scared my pants off! I never felt so scared in an action RPG before until now!