This is an rpg that many lame western developers can learn from, graphics are simply not everything

User Rating: 9 | Ys Seven PSP
This is the first YS i have played in the series. I wasn't really so interested at the start, but i was aching to figure where Adol was going. So i continued, and im VERY happy i didn't shut off my console and leave the game. YS seven has a very similar battle system to final fantasy crisis core, however, you can upgrade your physical strength more efficiently than magic. The storyline really pulled me in, as it was quite annoying to see poor adol being blamed for a crime that he did not commit, just because he is from a different village. I wanted Adol to resolve his problems, but i knew that something bad is going happen once Adol's innocence is proven. As i progressed, Altago (the first village Adol docked too) was degrading due to an evil essence, and like many jrpgs, you go on a amazing adventure to gain reputation, as well as save Altago from harm for pure goodness.

All in all:
Graphics: 8/10 Nothing special, but the boss battles are definitly impressive visually

Soundtrack: 10/10 Unbelieveble OSTs, YS is one the few serieses which i actually browse for the mp3s and download!

Gameplay:9.0/10 The battle system is quite common among jrpg's but the customizations and new characters that come to you as you progress just motivates you take every battle seriously, and gain levels

Replay value: 6/10 Unfortunately, this is one of the games i probably won't repeat till years to come but YS 7 definitly inspired me to experience more of YS

Conclusion: I highly recommend this game, it a hackk and slash RPG with a superb stroyline and OST, something that western developers should really take in consideration, meaning you too gamespot!