When I was little, it took me 2 minutes to beat bowser!

User Rating: 9 | Ys Seven PSP
Ys Seven has some of the greatest boss fights in the history of boss fights, that's really all I cared about in the game, the mindless grinding got pretty lame, and thats gonna cost you some points, but Ys had such amazing boss fights that the grinding was easier to get past. This game is a little hard to me, but challenge isn't annoying! I wish you could re-fight bosses in that game, but the only way to do that is to replay the game. That is an unforgivable act from the developers. But also another thing that annoyed me was that this game was only 27 hours for me. 27! What!? It took me 88 hours to beat Persona 3 Portable which is an amazing RPG. I like this game, but I've never liked a game enough to replay the whole story, except for games like starcraft and warcraft III, but those are masterpieces that I can't compare to regular games like this. All in all, 9 out of 10, and that is not out of generosity to this game, I really enjoyed it that much, despite all the toxic things I pointed out, the boss fights literally makes me forget the bad, the ugly, and only see the good.