Ys Seven is a fun Action-RPG. There's a lot to like but there's also a few things holding it back from greatness.

User Rating: 8 | Ys Seven PSP
I remember playing the original Ys 1 & 2 as a kid on my PC-Engine. Back then it was a pretty amazing experience. Since then I've always held a soft spot for Adol and the gang.
Fast forward to today, it's been many years since my first encounter and now I'm reliving my childhood on the small screen.


CHARACTERS: How can I not have a soft spot for Adol and the gang? I find them to be endearing and lovable.

MONSTERS: There were a great variety of monsters in this game. This is always a nice thing, especially when it's not the default "skeleton" or "Spider" fair.

GAMEPLAY: I really enjoyed the gameplay. I like how the game eases you in at first then gradually starts to increase the difficulty, steering you away from button mashing so you become more tactful with skills and characters. The game oddly enough has a deep combat system.

GRAPHICS: I really enjoyed exploring the world of Altago. It was surprisingly wide and far-reaching. The visuals and art style are perfect for the series. It's a beautiful looking game.


STORY: It's the same old tired cliched plot we've seen over and over again. I've been a gamer for a while and trust me, this plot is pretty standard fair. Nothing new to see here.

DIALOG: No voice overs with frequent boring dialog. Sure, there were spots where the banter was cute or funny. Overall, I found myself skipping much of the dialogue to get back to the fun.

MUSIC: Annoying and repetitive. I just turned it off after a while. I can't stand games that use the same 4 tracks throughout the entire game, especially when it lacks voice overs.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I found this entry into the Ys series to be delightful and fun. It's a great little game but it doesn't come without its faults. I look forward to seeing more of Adol and his adventures. Maybe one day we might explore other characters from the world of Ys! :)