Fun hack n' slash game. A step up to the series.

User Rating: 8 | Ys Seven PSP
Ys Seven offers a simple approach to gaming and makes it fun. It's a good hack n' slash game.

Ys Seven as with other Ys titles tells the story of the red-haired adventurer Adol Christin. In the true spirit of adventure, Adol has travel the world around and save countless lives from impending doom almost single-handedly but this time around Adol is getting help from his companions. Story is simple which only provides a twist near the end but it has its charm.

Ys mainpoint is its gameplay no matter how basic it is. You attack, evade, and use skills. Perhaps what makes it more enjoyable is that you can switch characters out of your 3-man party. New elements such as 3 attack types have been added. Each enemy has a weakness to a certain attack type so the game makes full use of character switching. Assigning behavioural pattern to your AI companions is simple and yet no matter what strategy you have laid out for them your AI companions will perform competently. They'll attack, evade, use skills, and gather items when needed to. This eliminates the pressure of babysitting an AI. There's a crafting system present. And you can save anywhere and anytime. Perfect for gaming-on-the-go.

And then there's the amazing soundtracks. It totally fits in. Listening to them while hacking and slashing monsters totally rocks. Got me headbangin' a few times.

But as is with games, there are flaws. Boss fights is not what it used to be. Perhaps because of having a 3-man party that the bosses needs to step up their gaming moves in order to retain the balance of fair-play(or so it seems). Bosses dishes area attacks that sometimes feel cheap. Which in turn make boss fights taking heavy reliance on healing potions unlike in other titles like Oath in Felghana where there's no easy way of rejuvenating during boss fights(which makes the game challenging but even more fun).

Ys Seven provides something that is easy to enjoy. From the combat system to the crafting system, everything seems easy and simple in execution. And yet, here lies its charm. If you like a good hack n' slash game this one will not disappoint. Prepare for more than 15 hours of blissful carefree hack n' slash adventure goodness.