Ys: Memories of Celceta Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Double Accessory Equip for Adol (Same Accessory) [Pre-Patch, JP Version Only]

    Normally, you can only equip one of each accessory type on a character (Life Ring III for example). However, there is a glitch which allows Adol (only Adol) to equip two of the same accessory that you normally could not (such as the Life/Defense/Skill Rings). To activate this glitch, go to Comodo and craft 6 of the desired item. Equip them on each of your characters as normal, except equip Adol's on the second accessory slot. Craft the 7th one, and hit confirm when asked to choose someone to equip it to (the character boxes are all greyed out). If done correctly, Adol will now have two of the same accessories equipped. This allows Adol to have bonuses like the following: - 0 SP Skill Cost with two "Skill Ring IVs" equipped - +1000 HP with two "Life Ring IVs" equipped (or +750 HP with "Life Ring III" etc etc) - Get +8 skill points per skill used with two +4 "Skill Point Amulets" (I do not know the exact translation for this item) etc. However, do note that once you de-equip one of the accessories from Adol, you will have to craft another one to utilize this glitch again, while making sure the other characters are all equipped with that accessory already. This glitch may work before you have all 6 party members, though I am not certain since I discovered this late in game.

    Contributed by: Mister_Money 

  2. Trophies

    There are 40 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Located the underground village of Danan. A Storied Village
    Completed the main story. Adventurer
    Acquired at least one of every item. All the Things
    Played extensively as Calilica. Apostle for the Ages
    Defeated Duren in one-on-one combat. Better Man
    Opened the door to the Temple of the Sun. Beyond Lies Your Goal
    Successfully arrived in the Primeval Lands. Closer to the Truth
    Achieved five hundred Excellent Kills. Cunning Strategist
    Played extensively as Frieda. Enchanting Storyteller
    Defeated a rare golden foe. Gold Hunter
    Purchased every piece of info from Mouse. Heard It All
    Solved the mystery of the missing villagers. Homecoming For Some
    Successfully used Flash Guard fifty times. Impenetrable
    Began your adventure in Celceta. In Search of Lost Memories
    Mastered every skill. Jack of All Trades
    Defeated a boss in Time Attack without taking damage. Like the Wind
    Defeated the ruler of the Great Forest. Lord of the Jungle
    Arrived in the ruined capital, Elduke. Lost Kingdom
    Acquired both halves of the Mask of the Sun. Mask In Hand
    Completed the Map of Celceta. Master Cartographer
    Played extensively as Karna. Master Huntress
    Filled out all material details in journal. Material Boy
    Restored all lost memories. Memories Unfogged
    Successfully rescued the trapped miners. Mine Raider
    Found all of Mishy's hiding spots. Mishy Masher
    Amassed one million gold. Money For Something
    Filled out all monster details in journal. Monster Meister
    Successfully used Flash Move fifty times. Now You See Me
    Enhanced a weapon or armor to its limit. Only the Best Will Do
    Successfully completed every quest. Philanthropist
    Discovered a settlement in the Great Forest. Proof of Life
    Resolved the polluted river dilemma. Pure Waters
    Defeated a boss in Time Attack in thirty seconds or less. Reckless Abandon
    Cleared all obstructed paths. Sea of Trees Unbroken
    Discovered every resource point. Stupendous Scavenger
    Played extensively as Adol. Swordsman Extraordinaire
    Played extensively as Ozma. Terrific Tribal Chief
    Overcame Gruda's trial. The Darkling Ordeal
    Conquered Boss Rush. The Strongest Pro
    Achieved one thousand Aerial Combos. Things Are Looking Up
    Endured all of Zara's tickle sessions. Tickled Pink
    Acquired all trophies. Timeless Adventurer
    Proved your skill as a merchant. Touche, Salesman
    Walked an extraordinary total distance. Trails in the Mud
    Opened every treasure chest. Treasure Hunter
    Conquered Boss Rush without a single retry. Untouchable
    Defeated two thousand enemies. Valorous Vanquisher
    Cleared the game on Nightmare difficulty. Waking Dream
    Played extensively as Duren. Well-Traveled Informant
    Achieved five hundred Skill Finishes. When You Got It
    Reunited with Eldeel at the Tower of Providence. White Wings
    Befriended all animals. Wordless Affinity

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

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