You Have to Win the Game Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Won the game while wearing sunglasses. #yolo #swag #nbd
    Won the game in any mode with a 100% rating. An Achievement called "Completionist"
    Found Sammy and Lara a.k.a. Princess Boopypoo and the Countess von Flufflebutts a.k.a. I put my cats in a video game because I am five years old. Boop!
    Traversed every room. Cartographer
    Died once. First of Many
    Acquired the Springheel Boots. Instant Fun
    Acquired the Cerulean Aura. Kind of Blue
    Won the game as a cat. Nap Time
    Lost the game in any mode. Nth Time's the Charm
    Won the game in any mode in under ten minutes. Places to Go, People to See
    Acquired the Crimson Aura. Rouge-like
    Collected every money bag. Treasure Hunter
    Acquired the Spider Gloves. Wouldn't It Be Cool If...
    Won the game in any mode. You Had to Win the Game

    Contributed by: Guard Master