If you think you have another STALKER or Painkiller here you are mistaking!

User Rating: 5 | You Are Empty PC
I give a lot of credit to the Russian/Ukrainian folks that made a game like STALKER- good stuff after like 5 years. Unfortunately I did not feel the same about “You are empty”. I was hoping the game will be an atmospheric just like STALKER and intense like Painkiller. This game is far from that!!

You are not really sure what is happening in the game and after 30 min of playing you stop caring. All you have to do is to shoot in the moving targets, which is cool with me as long as you get some satisfaction out of it.( u feel nothing ) The models and enemies look kind of cool when they do not move… but when they do they look really clumsy. The animation is just ok… that’s it!!! There are plenty of enemy characters in the game but once again it is just another skin. There is no AI in the game, the enemies just walk into you or stand and shoot you. That makes the game very very again very boring!! The game has some details and that is what makes it attractive. The level design is cool reminds me of a Painkiller. Soviet and communistic flyers are on the walls and streets and buildings kind of look like they are from the mother Russia’s soviet period. But it is all for show. Graphix are average and if you take away the details the world is ugly!

There is nothing in this game that motivates you to beat the game and want to move to the next level since it is all the same, very repetitive. Weapons are all right, nothing too crazy. Sound is a disaster!!! It is bad…there is a sound patch that for some reason would not install properly on my PC. I mean all the enemies make this one stupid sound. BAD.

I am not even talking about music…turn it off right away!! or be annoyed by it!

Ambient sounds are ok there are like 4 of them in the whole game…. They are supposed to make u feel a lil creped out. All together this is a bellow average game that does not have much substance in it.

This game was good on the paper when they were designing and planning it but unfortunately it did not work well in life. Just like the whole communism idea.

If you want to play the game, borrow it I would not suggest payin 30 bills for it!
I really hope that Cryostasis by 1C is going to be better than this game.

Thanx for reading my review.