By far the worst game i have ever played, if you can call it playing a game. Don't waste your time

User Rating: 1.9 | You Are Empty PC
This game is not only terrible to play, but just as bad to listen to as well. If you really truly hate someone, you will get this game and sleep well at night knowing that you have ruined another human beings life. I would rather sit and watch pant dry than have the option of playing this game. Words cannot describe the disappointment i feel. These people are trying to rip off pain killer (great game) and do a worse than poor job. THIS GAME SUCKS REAL BAD!!! Any one who willingly lets a friend or loved one play this game under the believe that it might ever even give the slightest factor of enjoyment should be punished fully and harshly by the full extent of law. total disappointment to not only FPS but to overall video games and how far technology has evolved since pong, which is a better game by the way. All in all, no person should ever be faced with the horrible task of playing this game for anymore than 5 minutes because doing so can cause permanent personality damage.