An engaging sequel that works just as hard as its predecessor and improves on it in every way! :!:

User Rating: 10 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
I don't see how anyone could NOT like this game, the graphics are very beautiful! Not only does the hand-drawn artwork of the original "Yoshi's Island" returns, it's now on two screen and "Yoshi's Island 2" makes very good use of those two screens in terms of showing enemies and hidden items. Baby Mario is back again (and thankfully, this time much less noisy! :idea: ) Only this time, he's brought along a few friends along for the ride. Baby Peach proves that she doesn't need Mario to protect her all the time. She can handle herself and use her umbrella to float from place to place and reach heights that no one else can reach! Baby Donkey Kong proves that even as a tyke, he was the King of Swing, as he can grab onto vines as no one else can (because no one else can) he's the only one that can swing on ropes, and his fists of fury can break things that no other baby can break! And even as an infant, all Baby Wario could think about was money. He uses his magnet to attract metallic platforms which can get him to secret places, and brings all the coins towards him and makes him very rich indeed! Finally, even Baby Bowser joins the team as in a real twist, Adult Bowser has come from the future to do what his younger self could not and capture the heroic infants once and for all! But Baby Bowser realizes the problem that Adult Bowser is setting up. If Adult Bowser succeeds in stopping Mario in the past (Baby Bowser's present) then Bowser won't grow up to have a potentially glorious future (Adult Bowser's present.) So Baby Boswer uses his spiky shell spinning abilities to make certain platforms move, deflect deadly projectiles, enemies, and even though Yoshi can't lay eggs with Baby Bowser, Baby Bowser can breathe fire and melt ice and defeat enemies with ease (even if its not for purely altruistic reasons.) All of the babies skills are needed to reach different areas and Yoshi will once again sometimes transform into different vehicles depending on the situations he is sometimes in. The levels are once again designed brillantly that has a par which few other games can reach. The bosses are once again created to provide a challenge and different ways that they have to be beat in order to prevail in saving both the babies present, and the babies future! It's an enriching, unique platform game filled with good music, great controls, and many different ways of having fun in this engrossing game. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and that's why I wrote this review! :idea: Enough said! ;)