This charming platformer is everything you might imagine it would be, though it might be too much of a good thing.

User Rating: 8 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
Yoshi's Island is a fabulous, unorthodox platformer staring Mario's faithful clan of companions, the Yoshis. Kamek takes Bowser's place as lead-antagonist in YI, and it is up to The Stork, The Yoshis, and 5 baby-fied Nintendo stars to rescue all of the world's infants from Kamek's evil grasp.

The 5 Worlds of Yoshi's Island each contain 10 vast, intricate levels. In order to clear each level, Yoshi will require the unique skills that each of the 5 babies possess, in addition to basic Yoshi skills. Throughout each level, strategically-placed "Stork Stops" allow Yoshi to cycle through the various babies available, in order overcome the waiting obstacles ahead.

The varying abilities that Yoshi has while piggy-backing as infant, as well as the many abilities that Yoshi himself is capable of, makes for an often overwhelming number of commands required at any given moment during gameplay. The sheer number of abilities makes the game seem somewhat convoluted, and can sometimes over-complicate things. What Yoshi is capable of in the game takes center stage, and, unfortunately, the level designs are weak by comparison, not to mention some of the inconvenient blunders you will face (i.e. the chunk of visibility lost in between the two screens; awkwardly placed Stork Stops that make it difficult to jump with out accidentally triggering a baby-swap).

While Yoshi's Island is a sold platforming game, the unfortunate shortcomings make things more frustrating that they should be.