Highly addictive but disapointing at the same time...

User Rating: 4 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
When I started to play this game, I was expecting somehow a better quality in everything than the older version for GBA. And it surely we got that.
Great images, sounds, new powers, new characters, new enemies, etc. I personally have always loved Yoshi's games for all the systems, but I must say that in this case I started to doubt the game.
I cleared the first world and I got a couple of 100 scores and many medals, so I was very happy (because I love to clear all the games perfect), but as I was moving though the game I was realizing how difficult was to get perfect scores. Even some stages are very hard to just clear...
So, after a lot of cursing and swearing, I could barely clear the stages and the game left me without the will to play it again... it's just too hard!!
And no way I'll destroy the buttons of my beautiful blue DSi in order to make a perfect score.
The other thing I didn't like it that much... I was expecting with this Yoshi game we could explore more the features of the DS, but instead we got just a very hard game that could have been easily produced for the GBA.

Thanks Nintendo for making a terrible game for the DS, and I'm still waiting for a great Yoshi game for the DS.