YIDS is yoshis first full fleged game on the DS, will it throw some eggs or lose all its time?

User Rating: 9.5 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
After all this time the mario formula works and thats no exception for yoshis island DS a fun platformer that picks up from yoshis last horrible adventures like in touch and go and yoshis story on the wii channel (N64 VERSION IS GOOD) Yoshis island DS is truly a nice mix of fun and clever innovative gameplay.

Story-The well i forget its name ill call it the magic koopa for now is trying to get all the baby "Mario" characters for a reason but on his way, 2 of his minions drop baby mario and baby peach, yoshi(Green one) then decides to meet up with the rest of the yoshis on yoshis island, they decide to carry the babys to well to a safe area and keep them safe at all costs, later in the story yoshi then also saves baby DK, and other babys like baby luigi, its a cute story to say the most, and keeps that cute mario charm.It does feel predictable at times.

Gameplay-This is where the last 2 games screwed up on, touch & go had horrible touch and yoshis story for the wii just sucked! But Yoshi comes with a vengence to all his haters this time! He is backed with babys like baby mario,peach, DK, and luigi(The rest i wont spoil for you guys) each have there own special abilitys baby mario can hit certain blocks,baby peach can use her fancy little umbrella to help yoshi go higher with the wind, and well the list gos on and on, to "Die" in the game you have to get hit, then you will get a time limit to save your baby or else when the time runs out the magic koopa comes down and steels the poor little baby and we dont want that happening.As for the difficulty level it ranges from hard to easy it can get quite confusing for one level which you easily cleared and the next took you about a hour after dieing so much, but its good and to throw eggs all you have to do is (Im going to say the default controls) hold in the B buutton there you can hold your egg and you can throw and some/something when you think the time is right.Nothing about yoshis island feels like "It plays it self" yup everthing is as innovative as it gets, except for the rare cutscenes which dont take a long time to pass.Its fun thats all i can say.

Graphics/Design-.Anyway the reason i didnt get this game was because of its graphics when i was younger i thought they were wayy to kiddy i got yoshis story when i was a little kid form my grandma, it was fun but yoshis island graphics are just amazing they are well polished and i really cant see any "Flaws" in them.

Music/Sound-When you put your DS in "Sleep" mode yoshi will make this very annoying sound!but other than that the music is catchey!

Learning Curve-Doesnt take a long time to learn the games basics really it doesnt.

Overall- Well this is my fav. DS platformer of course its no super mario galaxy or sonic unleashed but it definitly is great (Yes i think its better than super mario 64 DS, new super mario bros, and sonic rush).I consider picking this game up if you want a fats and on the go platforming expierince.

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Know if you excuse me im going to play some yoshis island DS know.