Yoshi's Island DS is a great platformer in many ways, despite not being as enjoyable as its predecessor.

User Rating: 8 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
Yoshi's Island DS is addictive, enjoyable and exceedingly creative throughout every level you will proceed through in this entertaining platformer. While Yoshi's Island DS succeeds in many ways in creating various unique worlds for you to explore, it fails to capture the excitement of its predecessor.

I still think Yoshi's Island on the SNES is one of (if not the very best) platformer out there, so I knew it would be very difficult for Nintendo to come up with something as good although I'm pleased Yoshi's Island DS was as good as it was. It's a great game in many ways and I recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable platformer for the Nintendo DS that will last for a few weeks or so.

The gameplay is certainly interesting throughout this platformer. Artoon, the developers of Yoshi's Island DS, successfully produce creative levels throughout the 5 worlds you will be able to explore in this game. No level is exactly like another, they are all unique and due to this fact the game constantly keeps your fingers glued to the Nintendo DS.

The difficulty increases as the game progressives and it never feels too easy or too hard. The earlier levels act as tutorials to newcomers and allow you to get a feel for the controls (which are quite good and there are various options for you to customize them to your preference) and by the 2nd world, the adventure truly begins.

The story is somewhat childish, but that really isn't one of the main focuses of the game. You soon forget about trying to save babies from the Evil Kamek and focus solely on the innovative worlds your adventure takes place in. One of the main highlights in this game for me was the music. It is perfect for this platformer and sounds brilliant on the Nintendo DS. The graphics are also well presented and give you a strong sense of its predecessor. As for value, this game took me a few weeks to beat, while I played perhaps one or two levels a day. Earlier levels in the game take about 5-10 minutes to beat while later levels can be completed in between 20-40 minutes.

All in all, Yoshi's Island is a terrific platformer and an worthy purchase for the Nintendo DS. While my advice would be to pick up New Super Mario Bros. first if you've yet to play it, I definitely recommend buying Yoshi's Island DS down the track.

For those who have played the original, while you'll realize this game isn't as good, I still believe you will enjoy it immensely as I did. It's just one of the titles that is unique, exciting, and enjoyable all throughout the game. You won't get bored and it's great if you just have 5 or 10 minutes to play. It's also great if you want to sit down for even an hour playing it.

Yoshi's Island DS is an enjoyable game, addictive throughout, extremely creative, and a worthy addition to the already strong game library for the Nintendo DS.