Yoshi's Island is what you would expect, a great sequel to a great game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
Yoshi's Island DS is a great game. The plat-forming is fun, eating enemies and turning them into eggs is also still fun. I love the variety is level and I think the addition of the new babies is great. The fact each baby has its own unique power such as climbing up vines adds more flavor to the game. The game is similar to the original so if you didn't like the original you probably won't like this one and the other way around. If you never played the original, then I would suggest this game. Instead of a health system when you get hit your baby falls off of you and you have ten seconds to touch it or you lose. This may seem to make the game easy and it does, most of my deaths came from falling off ledges. There is good level variety and I thought the game isn't too easy. The graphics add a good feeling to the game.

Graphics- 8
Game-Play 8.5
Main Story: 2
Side Stories: none
Characters: 2
Main Character: 8
Replay Value:7
freshness- 9
Exploration: 3
Voice Acting: none
Emotion: 1
Weapons: 7
powers: None
Freedom: 1
Level Design: 10
Music: 9
Overall: 8.5