Just a fantastic game that ANYONE can really get into and enjoy.

User Rating: 9.9 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
By no means I'm a nintendo fanboy but Yoshi's island is quite possibly the the best title on the DS. Nintendo has managed to improve on the original Yoshi's island in almost every possible way. Just the amazing graphical presentation with the "crayon" backgrounds and characters. The sound effects with the Yoshi stomping and little mario's cry to the little melodies of finding new secrets are very cute and well placed. I do agree with Frank Provo that the music is a little understated and IMHO a little boring but still fits the feel of Yoshi's island nicely. Yoshi's island as a platformer by far has the most depth out of any other one they have ever made. The only other that comes to mind or even close would be Donkey Kong Country. Nintendo is really the only company that makes games for EVERYONE who can find enjoyment in them. Yoshi's island is a great example of that. Anyone with a DS must at least try Yoshi's island for the simple fact of it's depth, replayability, challenge and visual appeal.