A great improvment over the already great Super Mario World 2! One of the best platformers ever!

User Rating: 9 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
Good Stuff:
.Having 5 babies instead of one baby and each with special abilities!
.It still keeps the crayon-inspired graphics of the first one but better.
.The museum is a nice addition.
.A much more better storyline.
.Better and less linear levels then the first one.
.Imaginative bosses.
.Uses both of the DS's screens.

Bad Stuff:
.Missing some stuff the first one had like the map.
.Lack of multiplayer.
.Some of the level themes in the first one were better.

The main thing that makes this game better then the first is that you have 5 babies instead of one! Baby Mario can make red blocks visible and make Yoshi dash, Baby Peach Uses her parasol to help Yoshi over gaps, Baby DK can make you swing and climb across vines and other stuff, Baby Wario uses his magnet to help you collect coins and other stuff and Baby Bowser uses his flame breath to melt ice and burn enemies!

Another good thing is that It uses the two DS screens to make it even better! The two screens are used like the 2 screens in sonic rush. You don't actually use the touch pen much, but when you get higher up your on the top screen and when your lower down your on the touch screen.

The museum is a nice addition to the mix too. In the museum, you can look at all the enemies you have fought against so far. It eventually gets all the enemies into the museum once you have fought them all, so that's one of the games challenges!

The bosses on this game are highly imaginative and fun to beat. Like forr example one of the bosses the touch screen is a mirror and the boss is only visible there. You have to move Yoshi around untill your next to the boss visible at the mirror then you have to hit it!

Although with all of this game's good things there are a coulple of bad things.

The map in the first yoshi island which I liked isn't there anymore and it has no multiplayer options with it. They could of at least used multiplayer for the minigames maybe a 2 player battle mode and maybe even co-op!

Here's the summing up:

Graphics: The graphics dares not go far from the graphics of it's predesesscor It's just improved on the crayon-styled graphics even more! 10/10

Story: Instead of just kidnapping Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, Kamek is stealing babies all around the world for ultimate power! Kamek drops 5 of her kidnapped babies by accident though and they all fall down into different places of Yoshi's island. Baby Mario lands onto Yoshi's back and then they set out on their second quest to save all the babies! 9/10

Sound&Music: The sound effects and music in this game are better then ever before! 9/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is still a side-scrolling platformer like the first one but it has some major improvments like the babie's skills and the levels aren't as linear and are quite a challenge too! 9.5/10

Overall: As one of the best platformers ever, this game is reccommended for any Mario,Yoshi or platformer game fan! 9/10