A great update of the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment system [snes] Yoshi's Island. . . .

User Rating: 9.5 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
An amazing return for the Yoshi's Island series this game is and update of the classic game every level you complete you get a different color Yoshi and you can swap babies in levels when you find a stork stop you can play as Baby Mario/Baby Peach/Baby DK and Baby Bowser all have a special unique skill Baby Mario can Dash Baby Peach can use her parasol to get caught in cross winds to get to higher areas Baby DK can grab hold of branches to get over dangerous areas Baby Bowser can breath fire.The story starts where Kamek makes an evil plan to kidnap all babies he sets out from a mysterious castle in the sky with his minions the toadies they kidnap baby Mario and Baby Luigi/Baby Peach and Baby DK but a stork comes by and sets Baby Mario and Baby Peach free Yoshi is taking a stroll and Baby Mario flies down later the stork appears at the meeting of he Yoshi's to decide who gets which baby with a bag in the bag is Baby Peach.Yoshi go out with Baby Mario to recover the missing babies.
This is a great enjoyable game to play you'll find it hard to resist.