A decent game with some flaws.

User Rating: 8.5 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
I'm not going to lie, Yoshi's Island DS is a good game, but it doesn't pass
its predecessor, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
It has a good story, the graphics look a bit better, and switching between
each babies' abilities is a neat idea for a sequel.
However, the game is shorter than the original Yoshi's Island--there are
now only five worlds. What makes the game FEEL longer are the cutscenes.
If you just skip through them, the game is really short.
Another problem is that Yoshi sometimes doesn't get the message that
you're pressing in the opposite direction to turn around. It's not too much
of a problem, but that never occurred in the original.
The music also seems to be less enthusiastic as its predecessor. The
music in the first level, for example, seems a bit too mellow. In the original,
the music was happy-go-lucky, making me want to skip down a meadow
of daisies, humming the music all the while. The boss levels, too, lack
energy. Remember the boss battles of the original Yoshi's Island? It kind
of sounded like a hyped up ball game. It felt like it, too, seeing as how Yoshi
seemed like the pitcher throwing his eggs at Burt The Bashful.
And, last but not least, the lack of an inventory. What happened here!? Now
that Yoshi has no inventory, he can't use an extra supply of eggs, a POW
block, an extra 10-20 stars, or those whacked out watermelons! Not only
that, but since he doesn't have an inventory, bonus levels at the end of each
stage are merely for extra lives. As if I can't get enough of those during a
All in all, Yoshi's Island is a decent game. Though it isn't as great as its
predecessor, it'll still be a game worth playing years from now. If only the
inventory wasn't scrapped, the game would've been even better.